Tennis Evaluations

Improve Your Game With Video Analysis

Celota, together with Robert Cokan, are here to help players of ALL levels and age groups take their game to the next level!

Getting professional feedback on your tennis strokes is the first step to analysing where your game may be lacking and where you still have room for improvement.

Robert Cokan, coach of world junior No.5 Kaja Juvan 2017, will not only evaluate your technique but also give you advice on what you can do to help fix any issues that are limiting you from achieving a higher percentage game.

✔ Get expert analysis of your technique

✔ Eliminate flaws to increase efficiency

✔ Improve movement mechanics

✔ Have better stroke production

✔ Step by step advice to accelerate your game

Video Analysis Process

Getting started with your evaluation is easy. Here's how...

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Video Analysis Example

Below is an edited version of what an evaluation will be like

Expert Analysis

Get your Forehand, Backhand and Serve evaluated, with a step by step breakdown of each stroke.

Implement & Improve

View your technical analysis and practice with the suggestions, take your game to new levels!

Video Directions

Get your parent, or friend, and have them record your strokes as shown below. IMPORTANT: Please make sure your strokes are rally shots, not ball feeding. Upload a combined video with all your shots.

Forehand, side view

Backhand, side view

Serve, side view

Serve, back view

Ready To Get Started?

Tennis Video Evaluations are priced at Rs 4500 ($79) and will be done by Robi Cokan himself, with tips on how to improve your game.

Payments Accepted via PayPal

Cost is $79 and can be paid via Credit Card through PayPal's secure website. You may also pay via Bank Wire Transfer details of which will be shared once you contact us.

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