The Serve Dash Drill

RULES: Player 1 starts at net and picks up 2 balls then rushes to the baseline to serve. Side is their choice.

Player 2 has to run towards net, after Player 1 picks balls, and sprint back to baseline to receive on side chosen by Player 1.

If the first ball is served in, the point is played. The second ball is then played from the other side.

If the first ball is a fault, the next ball is a 2nd serve and point is played. Double fault is a point for opponent.

Play a 7 point tie-break…if possible.

A fun, and exhausting drill, that can be played to work on multiple areas for a tennis player. Build speed, reaction, agility and quick thinking.

Take It To The Next Level – Both players start at baseline with 2 balls, first player to touch net and back gets to serve, automatically getting 1 point.

Players: Tejal Batchu (in pink) and Lalitha Duggi (in blue).
Coach: Hyder Jaffari

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