High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

What is HIIT?

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a form of interval training with alternating short periods of intense anaerobic exercise. The amount of recovery period in between each set is usually short, in order to increase cardiovascular fitness and body composition.

Below is a 30 day HIIT program that you can do over the course of 10 weeks, or less, depending on your fitness level. It is a general program for overall fitness to develop your core, endurance and speed. You should see an increase in your metabolism, reduction in body fat and increase in energy levels as you progress through the weeks.

Do not perform these exercises if you have any injury, get rehabilitation first. If you get short of breath, feel fatigued or very tired during any of these workouts, stop to take a break and only continue if you feel well enough to do so. Consult a trainer/doctor if necessary before starting any workout regimen. Children should do them under the supervision of an adult. Not recommended for children under 10.
Important: Make sure you do a 3 - 5 minute warm up prior to starting any of the below workouts.

Week 1

Tip: Workouts can be done every alternate day


Level I - 5 Rounds | Level II - 10 Rounds | Level III - 15 Rounds
20 seconds High Knees
20 seconds Squats
20 seconds Basic Burpees
Do all three exercises to complete 1 round.
1 minute rest between rounds.

Week 2

Tip: Remember to maintain a good breathing rhythm

Week 3

Tip: Proper form should always be your No. 1 goal

Week 4

Tip: Hydrate yourself adequately before, during and after your workout

Week 5

Tip: Make sure you wear comfortable clothing during your workouts

Week 6

Tip: Improve by 1% everyday and you will get better

Week 7

Tip: A strong, and flexible, core will provide you with good balance in your workouts

Week 8

Tip: Learn to exhale when you contract, or exert, your muscles to eliminate any tension

Week 9

Tip: Make a schedule for your workout and stick to it

Week 10

Congratulations, you are much stronger and fit today then you were 10 weeks back!


Presenter: S. A. Noah Jaffari
The above workouts are sourced from the 30 Days of HIIT program from Darebee.