Pilates for
Sport Professionals

Pilates can help you strengthen your core and provide better overall balance if you play a sport professionally.

You will see results in your body and develop higher endurance, stamina and flexibility. By targeting any specific needs, Pilates can help you achieve physical goals so that you can watch your sports career take off!

Pilates for

Working professionals, part-time employees or homemakers can all benefit from a twice-a-week workout with Mat Pilates.

Sitting for long hours at work or home can lead to a deformed spine and trapped nerves, causing great pain or disabilities
Many have benefited from mat Pilates workouts, which completely changed their look at fitness.

Pilates for

It’s not just for adults; kids can do it too. Kids as young as six can enjoy a healthy and fun workout session with a specially developed program.

A healthy attitude towards exercising must be shown and taught from a young age, building a foundation for a lifelong positive attitude towards a healthy mind and body.

Personalized Pilates Training

About Pilates

Pilates was developed and designed by Mr. Joseph H. Pilates, born in Germany, 1880. He dedicated his life to perfecting this exercise until his death in 1967. He was a gymnast and skilled in many different sports, so he combined different techniques, one of which included yoga breathing.

Today, there are many practitioners and experts of Pilates around the world. Here at Celota, we promote the classic Mat Pilates to our clients who wish to learn and benefit from this form of workout.

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