Your Personalized Diet Plan

We will design your program to make it easy for you to follow and keep track of. Below are the outlines of the plan:

Part 1

  • Walk through your kitchen
  • Health Questionnaire, Medical Problems, Family History
  • Let me know what you eat. This module makes an in-depth analysis of your daily food intake

Part 2

  • Personal diet discussion and food intolerance consideration
  • Vitamins and minerals that you might overlook
  • About your calories and exercise: Do calories really matter?

Part 3:

  • Your personalized final diet
  • Choosing the proper exercise and how to do it
  • Are there any magic foods to help you lose weight?

We will do your plan via Skype/email/local meetup. Each part will include a step-by-step process you can follow to get started with leading a more healthy life.

Contact us to start your diet program today!

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