Personally, I have enjoyed losing many of my aches and pains. Still have some ways to go and am looking forward to a stronger and fitter future.

Lakshmi, Hyderabad

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The Indian Luxury Expo, Fitness Panel

What are the biggest fitness trends in the industry and how does the market look like? POV on image building in the sector and coping with keeping yourself fit.

Held on 2nd February, 2019 at the Conference Hall, TAJ Krishna – Hyderabad

Natasa has an expertise and in-depth knowledge, coupled with rich experience, in various fields related to wellness. She is an amazing Pilates instructor, truly guiding the client with utmost care and precision to achieve best results. Her mastery in nutrition is inspiring and serves as an amazing addition to Pilates. She takes the wholesome approach to well being of her clients to a whole new level. She is also very disciplined, regular and can motivate the clients assuring they succeed. I would sincerely recommend her if you are serious about staying/getting fit! She can help you get there for sure.

Urska, Hyderabad

Hello! Just wanted to share with you how Natasa with pilates changed my life. True!

First of all she changed the way I think. Food habits changed completely. My body improved so fast and so drastically I couldn’t believe myself. So much knowledge during the lesson and so much fun at the same time.

Thank you Natasa for making me love to do exercise again and giving me my ‘old’ body back!!!

Giota, Greece

“Natasa was the first person to introduce me to Pilates. I had heard of it before but never had imagined how effective it would be. It was Natasa’s cultivated skills and in-depth knowledge of the system that made me see value in a Pilates regime. She was much beyond just a personal instructor to me and always advocated holistic living that involved a healthy diet with the right form of exercise. And to top it all – she is such a loving and caring person that anyone would love to learn from her! I would strongly recommend Natasa to anyone looking to reevaluate their fitness routine.”

Paramita, Canada